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Congressional District One of Arizona is an amazing place. It is the size of the state of Pennsylvania and stunningly beautiful. After the 2008 race, there were those who thought that I would be “burned out” after having put a nearly one hundred thousand miles on our Dodge pick-up, having had our “Hay Wagon" in 42 parades and having campaigned from morning ‘til night for nearly a year. But, far from it. Running for Congress in the District where you can “get your kicks on Route 66”, “stand on a corner in Winslow Arizona”, build a snowman in Munds Park and then drive 2 and a half hours south the same day and lay out by a pool in Casa Grande, well, it is a great honor and privilege, and more fun that most people can imagine.

So, after having worked in this District for nearly 17 years and having traversed it many, many times, my family and I have compiled this list of our favorites. You will see that many of these places are small businesses. That is one of my hot buttons. As a small business owner myself, and as someone who sits on the Boards of Directors of small business groups and advocates for small business at the legislature, I try to patronize local small businesses whenever possible.

This list is by no means complete, so, we welcome your additions (or corrections.) Email us at sydney@sydneyhayforcongress.com and we will add your favorites. Let’s have some fun while we celebrate this place we love – the most amazing Congressional District in America – CD One of Arizona.

Our Favorite Things:

  • Best Breakfast Spot:
    Charley’s@ the Weatherford Hotel in Flagstaff -- complimentary peaches and cream for everyone.
  • Best (and biggest) Chicken Fried Steak:
    Mary’s Café, East of Flagstaff on Hwy 89.
  • Best Irish Stew:
    Collins in Flagstaff -- they have great onion rings and chips, too.
  • Best place to see Elk:
    Munds Park – across the highway from our place.
  • Most Unique B&B:
    Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe – former school where, in our favorite room, guests write their impressions on the old blackboards. And the breakfast that proprietor, Rosalie, makes is wonderful!
  • Favorite Hotel:
    Hotel Vendome in Prescott – see the photo of my friend John Ratzenberger (Cliff on Cheers) who stayed there when he came to Arizona to campaign for me.
  • Best Mystery Walk:
    Sharlott Hall Museum in Prescott during October – history comes to life in the historic buildings.
  • Best Prime Rib:
    Horseman’s Lodge in Flagstaff – great salad bar, too, and you can wander the premises and see the brands (and chaps and ropes) from all around the area.
  • Best Place to Eat Lunch above 9,000ft:
    Snowbowl in Flagstaff -- (Take the ski lift during the summer months to marvel at the beauty looking down from above.)
  • Best Place to Stand on a Corner:
    Winslow (of course.)
  • Best Place to Get Your Kicks:
    Seligman, Williams, Flagstaff or Winslow (it’s a tie!)
  • Best Mexican Food:
    (This is a tough one!) Any restaurant in Globe/Miami or Casa Manana in Safford.
  • Best Enchilada with Egg (my favorite Mexican meal):
    Guayo's El Rey in Miami
  • Best Historic Hotel Lobby:
    Hassayampa Inn in Prescott – sit by the fire during the Christmas season and see the trees decorated by local children!
  • Best Homemade Bread:
    Murphy’s in Prescott
  • Best (and oldest) Rodeo:
    It’s a tie! (OK, I am sounding like a politician here, but, who am I to decide the rivalry between Prescott and Payson!)
  • Best Place to Buy a Cowboy Hat:
    Gene’s in Flagstaff – (and we have bought boots, jeans, kids' clothes, home décor, belts, jackets, etc. there – we practically have our own reserved parking place!)
  • Best Indoor Shooting Range:
    High Noon in Prescott Valley
  • Best Outdoor Shooting Range:
    Prescott Sportsman’s Gun Club – but soon Munds Park may have one in the running!
  • Best Place to Watch it Snow:
    A window table at Pasto’s in Flagstaff
  • Best Porterhouse Steak:
    Crestline Restaurant in Globe
  • Best Scenic Overlook:
    The Morenci Copper Mine
  • Best Place to Board a Horse:
    Northern Arizona Riding Stables in Mountainaire.
  • Most Verdant Glenn:
    Peeple’s Valley
  • Most Hidden Secret Beauty:
    Aravaipa Canyon in Graham County
  • Best Hotel Room:
    Majestic Mountain Inn in Payson – a stone fireplace in the room!
  • Most Interesting Swimming Pool:
    Francisco Grande Hotel in Casa Grande (where the Giants used to train) – shaped like a baseball bat and the spa is the baseball!
  • Place You REALLY have to WANT to get to:
    Crown King – but it is well worth the effort!
  • Best Pies:
    It's a tie! Rock Springs Café in Rock Springs or Strawberry Lodge in Strawberry
  • Most Christmas-y Place:
    Prescott’s Courthouse Plaza
  • Best Place to Star Gaze:
    Mount Graham
  • Best Place to Discover a Planet or Learn about One:
    Lowell Observatory
  • Best Place to Rent a Houseboat:
  • Best Fourth of July Celebration:
  • Prettiest Main Street:
    Snowflake, with the beautiful hanging flower baskets!
  • Best Place to Pet a Deer:
    Grand Canyon Deer Farm on I-40 West of Flagstaff. You have to do this with your kids or grandkids!
  • Best Train Ride:
    Verde Canyon Railway – one time when we rode the train (On my birthday in 2006) we saw one of the Bald Eagles that lives there.
  • Best Place to Smell the Pines:
  • Best Skiing:
  • Best Place for a John Wayne Fan:
    Springerville, or the Francisco Grande in Casa Grande
  • Best Place for the Western Movie Fan:
    Monument Valley
  • Best Place for a James Garner Fan:
  • Best Corn Festival:
    Cornville, of course!
  • Best City for a Dog Lover:
  • Best Ghost Town:
  • Best Ghostly Town:
  • Spookiest Hotel:
    Jerome Grande
  • Best “Castle”:
  • Best Restaurant Name:
    Road Kill Café in Seligman
  • Best Train Depot:
    Williams – Take the train to the Grand Canyon!
  • Best Place for a Henry Fonda Fan:
  • Best Place for a Clint Eastwood Fan:
  • Best Place for a Steve McQueen Fan:
  • Best Place for a Charlton Heston Fan:
  • Best Place to Team Rope:
    Mormon Lake
  • Best Place to Take a Hike:
    On the Arizona Trail
  • Best Fluffy Pancakes:
    The Place Restaurant in Flagstaff
  • Best Skinny Pancakes:
    Cuppers Coffee House in Prescott
  • Best Place to Train an Astronaut:
    Meteor Crater
  • Best Place for a Wile E. Coyote Fan:
    Painted Desert and Petrified Forest
  • Best Place for an Anthony Hopkins Fan:
    Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff
  • Best “Hundred Dollar Hamburger”:
    Payson Airport
  • Best Fly-in for Breakfast:
  • Best St. Patrick’s Day Parade:
  • Best Trout Fishing:
    Show Low
  • Most Romantic Hotel:
    El Tovar at the Grande Canyon
  • Most Amazing Scenic Drive:
    Schnebley Hill Road off I-17 south of Munds
  • Park Best Place to Watch Birds:
    All Over Graham County
  • Best Place for a World War II Buff:
  • Best Antique Auction:
    Riatta Pass Gallery in Dewey-Humboldt. We have bought some great bargains there, including some beautiful candlesticks and a McClellan Cavalry saddle in great condition!
  • Best Old House Museum:
    Riordon (pronounced Reardon) Mansion in Flagstaff
  • Best Antique Stores:
  • Best Fall Festival:
  • Best Place to Enjoy Oak Creek:
    While having lunch at Page Springs Restaurant
  • Best Place to Buy Cowboy Odds and Ends:
    Pollock’s in Safford – We have framed some postcards we bought there and made them into a great display!
  • Best Place to Buy Candles:
    Armadilla Wax Works, Flagstaff and Prescott – Our grandchildren love to take a plain white candle shaped like a cat or a pine tree or one of a dozen shapes and dip them into the colored wax to make a work of art.
  • Best Place for a Cavalry Buff:
    Fort Verde
  • Best Art Museum:
    Phippin Gallery, Prescott
  • Best Free Museum:
    Zane Grey Museum in Mormon Lake Lodge, Mormon Lake
  • Best Pit Barbecue:
    Yavapai Cattle Growers event at the Yavapai Rodeo Grounds
  • Best Country Quilt Making:
    42 years and counting by the Yavapai Cowbelles
  • Best Place to Teach Kids About Firearms:
    The Bob Frushon Firearms Training Center in Prescott
  • Best Coffee House:
    Cuppers in Prescott (Try any one of the quiches – real candidates DO eat quiche. Also, the ultra-thin pancakes are amazing!)
  • Best Chicken Wings:
    Kelly's in Globe. Sadly, this small business is now closed. But, Boston's Lake House Grill, nine miles south of the dam on Hwy 188 has been recommended as a place worth making a special trip for wings!
  • Best Friday Night Fish Fry:
    The Lone Pine in Munds Park
  • Best Cheese Crisp:
    Casa Bonita, Flagstaff
  • Best Place to View the Lights of the City:
    At the Branding Iron Steak House on the hill above Safford
  • Best Comfort Food:
    Bylers Amish Cafe in Black Canyon City (Try the open-faced turkey sandwich and real mashed potatoes! Homemade pies, too!)
  • Best Town Clock:
    Williams, across from the depot (It plays over 1500 songs in addition to the Westminster Chimes)
  • Best Place to Sit Out a Monsoon Storm:
    In the lobby of the Grand Canyon Hotel in Williams
  • Most Romantic Restaurant:
    The Rose in Prescott
  • Best Mashed Potatoes and Gravy:
    Pine Country Restaurant in Williams
  • Best Swap Meet:
    Peddler’s Pass in Prescott Valley
  • Friendliest Service:
    Joe and Aggies Cafe in Holbrook
  • Best Coffee:
    Jerona Java in Cottonwood
  • Best Place for a Fifties Flashback:
    CJ Diner in Cordes Junction
  • Best Red Chili:
    La Casita in Globe
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